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Deidre Adams records her visit to the Quilt National opening


The Quilt National exhibition is held every two years at the Dairy Barn Arts Center in Athens, Ohio, home of Ohio University. Athens isn’t the easiest place to get to, but the show is phenomenal, and the Quilt National director and staff make all the artists feel very special. It’s worth every minute to see it in person. This year, a flat tire on the rental car notwithstanding, I had a great time there. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones is the best part of it. Read more here

Deidre is preparing for a residency at Vermont Studio Center. She will spend 4 weeks in total art-making immersion, surrounded by creative artists and writers, focusing on her creative practice and expanding a new body of work. The cost for this opportunity is not insignificant, so in order to be able to fund it she is holding a studio sale, offering some of her older work at reduced prices. Please take a look by clicking here.
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