Art & Antiques magazine features Quilt National artists

Brooke Atherton's Quilt SpringField

“SpringField” by Brooke Atherton

Now available on-line, Art & Antiques Magazine’s article, Fiber Optics, provides an in-depth look at quilts as fine art, and emphasizes the import of Quilt National as a “major proving ground for quilt art”.  Author Barbara Wysocki  interviewed art historians, museum curators, gallery owners, collectors, jurors and artists to document the rising acceptance of quilts as fine art.

With new techniques and materials available, quilters are creating ambitious fabric art works that can hang next to any painting.

An abundance of Quilt National artists are featured in the article including Nancy Crow, Michael James, Miriam Nathan-Roberts, Caryl Bryer Faller-GentryMarilyn HenrionBrooke Atherton and many others.

Two large works currently on view in Quilt National 2013, Katherine Knaur’s Solar and Mary Ann Tipple’s The Conversation, are featured in the article’s photo gallery.

Today a widening circle of viewers celebrate quilts as art.

Also available in the September 2013 issue of Art and Antiques magazine, Wysoki’s article makes a strong case for the value of art quilts as collectables as well as providing a window into the current ecosystem of this vital emerging art form.

Read the full article on the Art & Antiques website .

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